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What is Weather Lottery?

Playing Weather Lottery is simple and fun. You just need to choose which charity you would like to support, pick seven numbers and then for a $25 monthly ticket, you can play Weather Lottery every week. This means you’ll be in the running to win $1 million every week while also supporting some of Australia’s most respected charities.

You can win from as little as two matching numbers. If you guess all seven numbers in order correctly you will win $1 million. If you guess six numbers in order you will win $25,000.

How to play Weather Lottery

Select a charity

Weather Lottery is played every weekday at 12-noon. The Monday to Thursday events are each aligned to one of our charity partners, which means that the $5 donation from your ticket goes directly to that charity. Our charity partners and the day their Weather Lottery is played are shown above.

The Friday event allows you to share your donation between our charity partners. By playing the Friday event, you can choose how much of your donation goes to each charity, or by default the funds will be distributed evenly between all charities.

Once you have selected a charity, you will play that charity’s Weather Lottery every week for the month. At the end of the month, you can simply continue to keep supporting the same charity or you can choose a different charity.

Pick your 7 numbers

To play the lottery, you need to pick seven numbers. To win, your numbers (in order) need to match the decimal point of the temperature in each Australian capital city at 12-noon on the day of the lottery of your chosen charity is played. For example, if you think the temperature in Perth will be 24.8 degrees, then the number you enter for Perth would be 8.

Once you’ve chosen your numbers they are unique to you, meaning no two players can have the same numbers in the same order. This means that the $1 million and $25,000 prizes are never shared between players.

You need to select your numbers every week and your numbers are valid only for the event you choose to play.

The winning numbers are taken from official recorded temperatures at 12-noon every weekday.

Open your account

Simply fill in your information and enter your payment details to play Weather Lottery and have the chance to win up to $1 million every week while supporting worthy charities.

Win up to $1 million each weekday!

Weather Lottery is the only Australian lottery based on real outcomes, being the weather, with payouts of up to $1 million for correctly predicting the temperature. Simply predict the decimal point of the temperature at 12-noon on your charity’s nominated day and you can win from as little as two matching numbers.

Providing vital support to Australian charities

Weather Lottery doesn’t just reward you. For every $25 monthly ticket purchased we also donate $5 directly to charity. These donations provide much needed funds to our charity partners to assist them in delivering services which support individuals and communities in need.

Weather Lottery is the first online-only charity lottery in Australia. Lotteries have always been an important source of fundraising for charities; however, it can be costly and time consuming for charities to run lotteries when they need to focus on their most important objectives of delivering vital services and support. The not-for-profit Weather Lottery allows charities to raise funds in a way that reduces this administrative burden while guaranteeing that all profits go directly to charity.

One of the main benefits of Weather Lottery is that it allows you to support charities on an ongoing basis, while also having the opportunity to win significant prizes yourself.

For more information on Weather Lottery’s charity partners, click a charity button above.

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